Lullaby Song

"STINGRAY SAM leaves one begging for more..."
- Dennis Harvey, Variety

A dangerous mission reunites STINGRAY SAM with his long lost accomplice, The Quasar Kid. Follow these two space-convicts as they earn their freedom in exchange for the rescue of a young girl who is being held captive by the genetically designed figurehead of a very wealthy planet.

Written and Directed by Cory McAbee
Music by The Billy Nayer Show
Narrated by David Hyde Pierce

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"McAbee's incredibly engaging story, not to mention the beautiful black and white photography, makes it just about the most fun you'll have in the independent theater this year."
- Jeremy Kirk, We are Movie Geeks

"Few films have me chuckling from beginning till end, but this one managed to do it. Well, except when I was laughing. 'Stingray Sam' is a cleverly made loving tribute to the serials of old and a darn funny one too."
- Ard Vijn, Twitch

"Either way you slice it, STINGRAY SAM is timeless... 'timeless' because that's what you're supposed to call pieces of art that touch you."
- Bob Doto, Quiet Earth